New Registration/Verification Process, According to the Amendment to the Gambling Act of 1/1/2024

We would like to inform you that in connection with the amendment to the Gambling Act of 1/1/2024, it is no longer possible to have a temporary gaming account. To use our services, you need to verify your account during registration.

This verification consists of 3 steps:
  • Identity verification through Bank ID - verify your identity simply and securely in minutes through your online banking.
  • Setting self-limiting limits - visit the "Verification process" section of your account and set your account limit for Sports betting and Casino Games
  • Payment Method Verification - Verify your payment card, bank account or other payment method with a deposit or during the Bank ID verification process at some banks. A deposit of CZK 10 is sufficient for verification.
After completing the verification process, you can fully use our services.
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