Tiebreakers on Top Goal Scorer, Winner & Top Scorer Markets Settlement for EURO | COPA

There may be instances in which the Top Goal Scorer, Winner and Top Scorer will be tied for the win.

In these cases, the tiebreaker for the bet settlement will be decided by the criteria set by UEFA and CONMEBOL and the decided winner will be one.

Examples from Previous competitions

Euro 2020: Patrik Schick and Cristiano Ronaldo both racked up five goals at the finals. However, Cristiano Ronaldo finished out in front thanks to his assist against Germany, as deemed by the relevant tiebreaker that can be reviewed on the official source here ,

Copa 2021: Luis Diaz and Lionel Messi both scored four goals but Lionel Messi registered more assists and was named the Golden Boot Winner as stated in the relevant official source here.

Who wins? In both cases above, the bets on Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi were the ones settled as winning bets.

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