How do I delete cookies stored on my computer/device?

To delete saved cookies, enter the settings of your browser and you will find there the option to delete cookies.

Below is some useful information:


  • For Google Chrome

1. open Chrome on your device

2. press on "More / More" (top right)

3. select "More tools" and then "Delete browsing data"

4. at the top, you can choose a time frame; to delete everything, select "Always"

5. check the boxes next to "Cookies and other site data" and "Cached images and files" respectively

6. to complete the process, press on "Delete data"


  • For Safari

1. To clear your history and cookies, go to Settings> Safari and tap "Clear history" and "Website data".  *Deleting your Safari history, cookies, and browsing data will not change your auto-fill information.

2. To clear cookies and keep history, go to Settings> Safari> Advanced> Website data, then tap "Delete all website data".


  • For the Betano app on Android devices

1. access the "Settings" section of your device

2. Applications> Betano> click on the Betano app

3. then go to the Storage> Clear Data & Clear Cache section


  • For the Betano app on iOS devices

    iOS doesn't allow you to simply delete cache or cookies, therefore the only solution for your iPhone/ iPad is to uninstall and then reinstall the Betano app from AppStore.


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