Explaining Cash Out

If the risk is no longer worth it, minimize losses and recover part of the money invested. Cash Out Betano is available for the vast majority of bets placed on football, tennis, basketball and ice hockey games, including Live bets.

Check your betslip to find out which bets are available for Cash Out and what the available amount is.

Close your bet whenever you want, minimizing the risk of losses.

How can I use Cash Out?

Cash Out is only available when at least one selection in your betslip has already been settled and offers the possibility to close your bet before an event is over to minimize your losses.

For example, you’ve placed a 100 CZK bet on a multiple, and one of the selections refers to the match winner. The result is still favorable, but as you are watching the game live, the opponent is looking for a tie and can score at any time. Cash Out can be an option to ensure part of the stake. You can withdraw the initial 100 CZK, if it is still possible, or else get an approximate amount of, for example, 125 CZK.

On the other hand, the bet may not be going well. The game is almost over and the tie persists. The value for Cash Out is lower, close to 75 CZK, but perhaps it is time to say that the risk does not pay and keep those 75 CZK. When the time comes, just click the button and confirm your choice.

If you have placed a bet to complete a Betano Mission and win a Free Bet, then you must pay attention before proceeding to Cash Out. If you make Cash Out on a bet connected to a Mission, that bet will no longer count towards the Mission, which will be incomplete, losing the right to the Free Bet prize.

Please make sure you review the Cash Out Terms and Conditions and check that your bets are eligible before using the Cash-Out feature on Betano.

*Cash Out is not available for single bets.

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