How to use Bet Mentor

Our members can now set the amount they want to bet and the one they want to win, and the mentor will take care of the slip's suggestions!

Betano listened attentively to customer requests and added the Bet Mentor option to the betting platform! As far as the users are concerned, the mentor only needs the amount they want to bet and the amount they want to win. Using statistics, Bet Mentor finds the most likely football results and combines them into multiple selections, whose odds should suffice to achieve the desired winning of the user.

Basically, Bet Mentor does the job of bettors with the use of artificial intelligence. There is no need for bettors to search the whole match list to spot the average of corners or cards. Now, Bet Mentor analyzes this information from all available football matches and adds it to the betslip! Creating multiple slips has never been easier.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Log in to your Betano account
  • You will find BetMentor in the menu on the right of the screen
  • Choose the amount you want to bet
  • Choose the amount you want to win
  • See the suggestions shown
  • Add selections to the betslip

If you agree with all the selections put forward by Bet Mentor, you need a single click to add them to your betslip! And if you don't agree with a match selection, removing it is just as simple. Also with one click, you can remove the match from the list of suggestions, and the mentor will put forward another one with similar odds, also chosen based on statistics.

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